EVE Fire & EMS

To empower cultural and behavioral modification through the enforcement of exemplary customer service, reasonability, and industry best practices that yield a reduction in employer liability and culminate in an increase employee safety and security.

Focus: All levels of pre-hospital providers & firefighters

Length: 16 Hour (Two Day Course)

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Escaping Violent Encounters for Healthcare Providers

The health care industry leads all other sectors in the incidence of nonfatal workplace assaults,
and the emergency department is a particularly vulnerable setting. Workplace violence is a significant occupational hazard facing emergency nurses- ENA

Focus: All levels of the in-hospital/home-health patient care setting (RN,LPN,MD,Techs,CNA)

Length: 8-hours

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Specialized Courses

DT4EMS has several special courses available.
EVE4Women- Women's Course (Ages 13 & Up)
EVE4EP- Educational Professionals (School Staff)
EVEAdvanced- Advanced Skills Course (PreReqs)
EVEInstructor- Instructor Programs

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About Us: Introduction to DT4EMS’ EVE

  DT4EMS’ Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) programs provide staff with the ability to recognize when a relationship changes. It is the critical thinking skills to recognize when a person is no longer a patient. That is what makes DT4EMS’ EVE different, relevant and culture changing.   1. The FACTS Workplace Violence in Emergency Medicine is […]

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Culture = Changed! Watch the video and see what we mean!

Kip Teitsort had his ambulance car-jacked while loaded with a patient. You can read Kip’s account of the violent encounter HERE. That is just part of the story! It is what happens in the weeks, months and years after the fact that bring inspiration to those in EMS/Fire and the emergency department setting! Instead of […]

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Building and Unit Security Tips -On the Cheap!

Building and Unit Security Tips   With recent media reports of fire and EMS stations being targeted for break-ins and property damaged, coupled with the reports of ambulances and fire trucks being stolen or worse, car-jacked here are a few tips:   STATION   Bright motion lights. Criminals are like cockroaches. They scatter when there […]

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Guest Article: Eating Right on the Job

Its three O’clock in the afternoon, you still haven’t had lunch, and dispatch just hit you with another nursing home transfer. Your engine company has just returned from three hours of training at the tower, the tones just dropped for an EMS call. When you back the rig into the bay you can smell the […]

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Tactfully Tactical or Technically “Tacti-kewl”?

There has been a trend to make fire and EMS more like law enforcement. This trend has dangerous implications. In DT4EMS’ EVE, we continually strive to change the safety culture in emergency medicine. One of the ways we accomplish this is be regaining the perceived neutrality of the provider. Since the start of the Geneva […]

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Complacency Kills- More Than You Think…

  Complacency Kills Many have heard the phrase complacency kills. There is more to it than just the street portion, the actual killing of a person.  There are actually 3 more areas besides the street in which complacency is killing us regarding the use of force in medicine; the others are the mind, the media […]

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