Due Diligence Resources for DT4EMS’ EVE

Due diligence on DT4EMS’ EVE
One thing is certain, researching an unfamiliar topic, especially one with such a high-frequency, high-liability presence, can be taxing and time consuming. To save you some of your valuable time, this post will help speed up your research process.
Parts of due diligence for training in a high liability subject should include:
Who created the product/material? Are they recognized as a subject matter expert?
What makes the product/material relevant to my/our needs?
Who in our industry uses the product/material?
How long has the product/material been in existence?
Does front line staff consider the product/material relevant?
Does  administration consider the product/material relevant?
What should be expected as an ROI?
Does the company stand behind their product/material?
Is the product/material research and presentation current? 
Here are some links to various sources of information regarding DT4EMS and our EVE courses. 
Start HERE at the about us page. 
Places DT4EMS’ EVE material has been presented, and agencies who use EVE
What people think about Dt4EMS’ EVE
In-Depth Conversations about EVE topics/training
Playlist of video testimonials 
Mainstream Media Coverage of DT4EMS’ EVE
Samples of material/message and culture delivered via DT4EMS’ EVE
If you have questions, unanswered by the information contained within the links above, feel free to contact us.