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Ever Have Someone Say to You “I Could Never Do Your Job” ?

A High Stress Event Train to reduce the effects Violence in medicine is real. Have you ever had someone tell you ” There is no way I could do what you do” when discussing a medical emergency? Yet, seasoned emergency medical professionals, regardless of EMT, Medic or ER Nurse handle emergent events like others flip […]

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The Time Has Come to Arm EMS/Fire.

Kip Teitsort, Founder DT4EMS It is time to arm EMS/Fire with knowledge of the use-of-force on the job.¬†   Before we get too deep, riddle me this… Why do so many front line staff wish to carry a gun on duty, yet many administrators do not feel (on-the-job) self-defense training is important? Where is the […]

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Violence- Duty to Act?

SENSE OF DUTY TO ACT When the NAEMT posted the results of a completed study/survey, I found myself bewildered. The results of the study revealed the number one reason for injury in the field (52%) was due to assault, but only 21% of EMS felt their personal safety was an issue. Yes, I realize more […]

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