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*Video* Effortless Self-Defense Tactic for Medical Staff

This clip explains how great customer service can be used as a self-defense tactic in emergency medicine. When I was a kid, growing up in South Florida, we had this sign on our fence. It had importance then, and it has even more now. Watch the video to see what I mean.- Kip   I […]

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Healthcare Should Be Armed With A Concealed Weapon!

If a provider in emergency medicine were permitted to have a concealed weapon on the job, what should it be? A handgun, expandable baton, pepper spray or a knife may be options, but I would like to share with you what I believe to be hands-down THE best one. “Be polite, be professional, but have […]

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Unique Missionaries in Medicine

During a break in an instructor class, a salty, well seasoned medic from the night-shift streets of Denver told me he was my disciple.  Before I get to far, let me take you back to a class I taught in Denver back in 2010. This class was filled with seasoned EMS providers from the busy […]

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