10 Things Every Healthcare Provider Should Know About the Use of Force (video)

10 Things to REALLY research!

1) Many staff want to be armed with a firearm yet many administrators don’t feel their staff need any training for self defense. Where is the disconnect?

2) Most providers are unaware there is a difference between a patient and an attacker.

3) Many providers have a mistaken belief they are to take or maintain custody of people without consent.

4) Providers have been injured because they were unaware they could flee and not try to control a violent attacker.

5) All too often actual criminal assaults go unreported due to the lack of administrative support and fear of ridicule from peers.

6) Several states have enacted laws with enhanced penalties for those who assault healthcare staff. What do the lawmakers know about violence many in admin do not?

7) With no formal training on the “reasonable” use of force some medical staff have used procedures and drugs punitively.




8) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics states injuries from violence are the leading cause of lost work time in the healthcare and social service industry.

9) Some hospitals have been fined by OSHA for not protecting staff from acts of violence.

10) No other person or profession has to decide patient or attacker when faced with a use of force decision

What do we do?


Train Staff with DT4EMS’ EVE!



EVE is a culture changing self-defense egress system based on great customer service providing staff with the ability to recognize a change in relationship

When there is no longer a patient/staff relationship.

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