5 self-defense lessons from a roll of tiolet paper…

5 Things toilet paper and proper self-defense training have in common

Since a lot of people talk shit about the use of force, what better analogy than using toilet paper.

5 self-defense lessons from a roll of toilet paper from DT4EMS_Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.

#5) Right tool for the job – Just like TP, there are many things that might work, but one works better than others.

4) Reasonable amount- Depending on the amount of sh1t one is dealing with, from one square to an entire roll, the situation dictates the amount needed.

3) Eases task of you take crap off of a$$holes-

#2) Sh1t ain’t over until the paperwork is done. (Pressing charges/documentation)

#1) Uh-Oh moment- We’ve all been there. Rush to take a dump, only to realize halfway through the purge, there roll is empty. The uh-oh moment in a self-defense situation is the same. Big problem when you need it, and it’s not there