A Daydream… “Dalton” from Roadhouse Teaching DT4EMS’ EVE

DT4EMS Roadhouse style! Here is a peek inside my brain as I daydream….


With the way so many write about how they would handle a use-of-force situation on social media sites, Staff_will_respond2I couldn’t help but think of the movie Roadhouse and the bouncers in it. They (bouncers) did what they did, both verbally and physically, prior to being trained “properly” for what their job required. It is similar to the unofficial training that goes on at the station or in the break-room when people discuss how they would medicate and intubate a person to “fix stupid”.

Medics like “Morgan” in this clip exist.

****** They don’t have the right “temperament for the trade”.*****

They are making the job harder for all of us in emergency medicine because:
* They are the ones who brag about their use of force on the job
* Believe their excessive force using pain compliance is justified because they were called to a scene
* Always wished they were a cop but couldn’t pass the test


If you were a fan of the movie, and you are in emergency medicine, you will get a kick out of this!


And… BTW… I have seen “Morgan” in many locations across the country. You may even have one like him at your service.


DT4EMS_Roadhouse_Style from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.