A waiter spitting in your food, someone keyed your new car…


Has it ever happened to you, or have ever heard of. of a restaurant cook, waiter or a fast-food worker spitting on someone’s food? Have you ever avoided a restaurant because of your knowledge of some of their employees? 

What about some keying a yours, or another person’s brand new car?

What about a police officer really ratcheting the handcuffs down to cause pain, because the drunk was an asshole?

How would you feel if any of those occurred to YOU or someone you truly care about?

It appears the reason behind their actions is revenge right? They feel ” Justified”  for at least, at that moment, they believe their actions are reasonable.

Does something similar to these actions go on in emergency medicine? I explore this in the video below.

The waiter spit in your food… from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.