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1. The FACTS

Workplace Violence in Emergency Medicine is no doubt an epidemic. That is a FACT.

  • FACT: Almost daily healthcare staff  in hospitals, EMS, and Fire-rescue  are threatened, yelled at or physically assaulted by a patient, upset family member or bystander.
  • FACT: You understand, according to several studies, injuries from assaults are a leading cause for lost work hours in the fields of emergency medicine.
  • FACT: We understand you are concerned about the response you or your provider would use in these particularly  stressful incidents.

FACT: According to Bureau of Labor statistics, an assault on a healthcare worker is the most common source of nonfatal injury or illness requiring days off from work in the healthcare and social assistance industry.

FACT: DT4EMS’ Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) provides superior Workplace Violence Prevention (WPV) training affording staff the critical thinking skills to protect patients, staff and the employing agency.

FACT: DT4EMS’ EVE has been named an “industry best practice” by Risk Management/ Safety Consultants.

2. Our Mission

Objective : To empower cultural and behavioral modification through the enforcement of exemplary customer service, reasonability, and industry best practices that yield a reduction in employer liability and culminate in an increase employee safety and security.

We achieve this mission by providing staff with the critical thinking skills to recognize a change in a relationship.

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3. Our Courses


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4. President/CEO


DT4EMS, LLC is owned and operated by Jason Brooks, BAS, EMT-P, I/C.  Jason has been in the EMS profession for over 28 years serving in multiple rolls to include, Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Paramedic educator, as well as an EMS administrator.  Jason has spent nearly a decade studying the issue of violence in Healthcare speaking at numerous local and State EMS conferences as a “subject matter” expert in the topic of violence in healthcare.


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