Battleground- In life versus death, this is ours.

The reaper versus medic is apparent. Even those who have never been inside an ambulance, know the battle to save the life of a patient exists. The training the medic receives in preparation for this recurring battle helps prepare him for his enemy.

There is a potentially, equally important, battle to save the life of the provider, many fail to recognize or acknowledge.

While the loss of a provider’s actual life is rare in losing this battle, the quality/way of life is changed, lost forever.Battleground Ambulance

The use of force in medicine is a real battle. When to, when not to, and to what level is reasonable, to use force is a battle nearly impossible to win without preparation.

When one loses this battle, they run the risk of losing their job, their mental/physical health, respect in the community, financial stability, and quite possibly… their freedom.

Healthcare¬†providers are trained to wage battle against the reaper to save complete strangers. They should be prepared properly for their own “Saving Yours, While You Save Others.”