Because I wonder at times… “How did I get here?”, I made a timeline…

Timeline of… How I got Here:


Although there are a baziliion, day-to-day activities not listed below, I am certain one can appreciate all of the countless- other people, activites, actions, meetings, phone calls, interviews, and research that brings us to present time with DT4EMS. This is a list that sticks out to me, that I can actually capture long enough to type, before the ADD forces another thought 🙂

1969- In July, I was born pre-mature, in a Florida hospital. I weighed a mere 2lb 3oz. The doctors told my parents to prepare for me not to survive.

 70-somethin’– Career Day of Kindergarten/First Grade,  I met police officer. That was my first recollection of knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up.

70- somethin’ – Pretended to be Ponch from CHiPs while riding my bike

70- somethin’- Loved Adam 12, Dragnet and the like

70’s to early 80’s–Saw some Bruce Lee movies and various Kung- Fu/BlackBelt Theater  type movies- I was hooked. I had to be a ninja.

Late 70’s- Very early 80’s– Jerry’s Dad, my older brother, and Mexican neighbor (kick- boxer) introduced me and other neighborhood kids to various methods of self-defense/fighting/martial arts. All too often, and with poor results, we tried out our techniques unsupervised…

** somewhere within the above years I was attacked by a dog, drug into a vacant lot, as it gnawed and thrashed at my leg.

1982- My dad was electrocuted- I was present and dialed 911 (FL) that event, and the caring behavior of the EMS crew changed my life forever. I Decided to get into EMS to pay back the powers that be, so to speak.

1987– Brittany was born

1989– Tiffany was born

1990-91– Obtained EMT, went to work for the very service that picked up my dad. Someone I worked with, heard my story and asked me to reach out to the show “Rescue 911”. I did, they said the story was too old.

1992– Obtained my  medic  (Fl)

1992– Trained in formal martial (FL)

1993– Tyler was born

 1994–(Spring)My family and I moved to MO. I continued training in various martial arts while I continued working as a medic.

1995– (Jan) Became the police officer I originally planned to be full time, and worked part-time as a medic.

 1996–Became assistant instructor of martial arts

1996– Shawn was born

1997-1998– Became certified police DT Instructor (ASP, PPCT, Handcuffing, Active Counter Measures, Weapon Retention etc.)

1998– Became DARE Officer (where I learned about MBWA)

1996– Created first formal DT4EMS class

1997– Taught DT4EMS for CEUs for first time (MO)

1999– First stent as School Resource Officer

2000– Opened my first martial arts school

2000– Working my part-time EMS job, my ambulance was car-jacked- nobody seemed to care. I was embarrassed and didn’t talk much about it for quite some time.

2000– Began to truly research violence in EMS and found countless incidents worse than mine. Most were un-reported or under-reported.

2001– Trained as K-9 handler with Sabra

2002– obtained my third- degree black belt in TKD/American Karate

2004– Dr.  Newton became Medical Director  in order to be a training entity in MO, allowing us to give our own CEUs.

2004– Hunter was born

2004– Force on Force training first time versus a trainer in a FIST Suit. Decided my martial arts and DT4EMS students would receive invaluable personal information by facing a real person attacking them in a scenario based fashion.

2004– While I was working at Branson PD, I met Kristy June, who volunteered to help create/maintain the website. Began trying to shed light on dirty little secret via online EMS forums. Mocked in nearly every EMS online community. Ridiculed by peers in both law enforcement, and EMS,  for trying to bring awareness and solutions to an issue commonly accepted as, “part of the job.” I was told over and over there was no need for training to deal with violence in medicine.

2004–October obtained my Guru in Kali-Silat under P. Greg Alland and Jason Heriford

2005– Presented first  updated version of DT4EMS’ EVE (MO)

2005–Out of meeting due o DT4EMS, Sam Voshell became my brain trust. We would pressure test every skill using both seasoned martial artists and those with little to no training. We started to get away from any traditional martial arts and focus on actual, real-world self-defense.

2005– DT4EMS became an LLC in MO

2006– First ever DT4EMS Instructor (train-the-trainer) course taught (MO)

2006-2009– Multiple attempts of getting articles published in trade magazines failed

2009– I was contacted by John Eric (EMSResponder mag) regarding two recent shootings of EMS providers asking any advice I could offer.

2009– Seth Izzy came in and seemingly effortlessly destroyed me as we sparred me using MMA. I got hungry to train again. I lost students of stick/knife work because I wanted to focus on BJJ skills.

2009– Presented  at World Expo.  John Eric edited a 5- part article series I wrote ( on violence in EMS) leading up to the expo in ATL

2009– Second stent as SRO, this time in Branson (gained insight for EVE4EP)

2009– Approached by US Army SFC from Ft. Sam Houston regarding DT4EMS- nothing panned out

2009– Changed course name to EVE, DT4EMS remained the company name

2009– Named Subject Matter Expert (SME) for NAEMT’s Safety Course

2010- Denver and Dayton became first major urban systems to use  DT4EMS

2010- Contacted by USAF trainer regarding DT4EMS- nothing came of it either

2011– Closed my own martial arts school to focus on being a student of formal BJJ, my weakest area.

2012– Met Skip Kirkwood when I presented DT4EMS Instructor Course at Durham Tech. (NC)

2012– Married Lindsay, Sam was my best man. Actually, everyone that was at the wedding, on the side of the groom, was there because we had met during DT4EMS training. Linds, after the honeymoon, suggested we try dedicating full time hours to DT4EMS, and she would cover home bills.

2012–  Skip Kirkwood  took violence information to Pinnacle for the leadership meeting. I am unaware of a single administrator who reached out regarding violence, even with Skip sharing the info with them.

2012– Co-Authored articles with Skip for trade mags

2012– SME for Escaping Violent Encounters Series with EMS1/FR1

2012– Spoke on behalf of National EMS Management Association (as SME) at both national Expos regarding violence

2013– Emma was born

2013– Moved to GA

2014– EVE Course Manual first edited by Dr. Smertka

2014– Diagnosed with PTSD

2014– Jason Brooks from MHEC was able to get through to me on business sense matters. He also pointed out to modify the instructor course by telling the participants what we were looking for in the WIFMs.

2014– Patrick was able to crack the nut that was Georgia CEUs and get us approval ( it the only state to not approve our EVE program)

2014– DT4EMS’ EVE named as an Industry Best Practice by risk consulting firm

2015– SME  for Second Edition of NAEMT Safety Course

2015– SME for Escaping Violent Encounters Video Series with EMS1 for the second time

2015– Two Regional TCs were named to oversee the US (Reedsburg/MHEC)

2015–Thanks to Anthony I found Shawn Forristall. He taught me pieces I was missing (including principles of Base-Balance and Leverage) that made all of my skills…better.

2016– Jersey City, Indianapolis and Detroit stared our year (first quarter)by joining the ranks of DT4EMS family.

2016– FitResponder and DT4EMS joined forces to provide healthier, safer work environments/behaviors for staff.

It is truly awe inspiring to me, to look back at all of these events, realizing each and every one of them, the positive and negative, some full of joy, some full of pain, but all were required for me to be here,… now.




Kip Teitsort, Founder DT4EMS

Kip Teitsort, Founder DT4EMS