Building and Unit Security Tips -On the Cheap!

Building and Unit Security Tips


With recent media reports of fire and EMS stations being targeted for break-ins and property damaged, coupled with the reports of ambulances and fire trucks being stolen or worse, car-jacked here are a few tips:




  • Bright motion lights. Criminals are like cockroaches. They scatter when there is bright light. Installing bright motion sensing lights to illuminate not only the entrances to the station but over staff parking areas can be an inexpensive deterrent to would be criminals. 
  • Steel door plates. Commonly seen on the rear doors of business, steel plates to help prevent the prying open of a door will make gaining access more difficult. 
  • Door chime. An agency does not have to purchase and install an elaborate alarm system. A door chime that can be heard from inside crew quarters can alert staff to the opening of a door or movement in an area. 
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  • Policy in place. Have a policy in place regarding about building security. This policy can be official from administration (best) or personal, meaning YOU decide to be more secure about your surroundings. Doors should remain locked at all times. No propping of doors (dogging them open etc). A unit key and station key are picked up at the start of each shift by all crew members.
  • Consider locks on sleeping quarters doors. Or even bring in one of your own like this—————————–>







  • Policy in place. Have a policy about unit security. Policy can be personal or administrative. 
  • Doors should remain locked on all scenes, helps prevent theft of the unit. Get in the habit of locking the doors and set the E-brake. When crew is inside the unit, the doors get locked period… Locked doors helps prevent the car-jacking. 
  • In traffic leave enough room in front of rig to be able to pull away (try to stay out of center lanes). You want to do your best to never be boxed in. We always want to leave ourselves “an out”. evefirelogo4fortesting1
  • When possible, back into parking spaces or use pull through style. This is another way to leave yourself an out should you need to leave in a hurry. 

You can have all of the safety/security measures in place but without a plan for what YOU do when the time comes all the other measures are for naught. Nothing is 100%. No tool, no tactic or technique can prevent 100% of criminal activity. However, every step you take to make it harder for YOU to be victimized, the dirtbag becomes more discouraged and may decide to choose an easier target.