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Video – Mental Preparation and Survival Mindset

It’s 9:15 in the morning. You are at your station, finishing truck check and chores, when a man drives up. Then man gets out of his car, he appears agitated and is demanding information. He begins to demand the name of staff members present. The man is asked to leave and struggle ensues. Within moments […]

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Video – Escaping violent encounters: How to break a 2-handed choke hold @ EMS1

Related: Reports of staff Choked   ESCAPING VIOLENT ENCOUNTERS- Assessment L for EMS1 (VIDEO) Escaping Violent Encounters- The Parry (Video) Escaping Violent Encounters- Bent Arm Check (Video) Using defensive tactics developed specifically for first responders, EMS1 columnist Kip Teitsort demonstrates how to escape from a two-handed choke hold. Watching just a short clip a person cannot […]

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