Testing a Stab Vest and A Cut Resistant Shirt

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I do not claim to be some world champion fighter.  This passion turned profession has me doing what I can to provide healthcare with a realistic understanding of violence in healthcare and what we can do to Escape, Mitigate and Survive the violent encounter. 


Here are the tools we will test the equipment against.                                                                What a uniform shirt looks like after the first part of the test.














 Our friends over at BodyArmorUSA.com let me borrow some equipment to test. The PPSS Group Cut-Tex PRO Cut/Slash Resistant T-Shirt and the PPSS Hi-Viz Stab & Blunt Force Trauma Resistant Vest.                                                                                                                                                                             

IMG_6646                                                                                            IMG_6649



 Here is what I found as I tested the equipment.