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This CD is reference for the DT4EMS/ EVE courses. It contains a review of the escape techniques and concepts taught in the course.  The videos contained on the CD show the training drills and techniques in an easy to follow format. Certification in EVE is given based on successful completion of a live course.

Don’t practice any skill viewed on the CD unless you can do so safely. DT4EMS, LLC assumes no liability for the use or misuse of anything described/demonstrated on the CD. Use at your own risk.

Some examples included on the CD:

The 227 page e-manual covering:

  •  Patient vs Attacker
  •  Pre-Arrival and Scene Survey
  •  Survival Mentality
  •  Six Steps of DT4EMS’ Self-Defense System
  •  Documentation of the Violent Encounter
  •  Physical fitness in EMS
  •  Assault Response Guidelines (Use-of-Force Levels)
  •  Sympathetic Response
  •  Defense Principles
  •  Some of the Skills from DT4EMS’ EVE Course
  •  Pre-Test

Video instruction of the following:

  • Stances
  • Introduction to the Double Tap
  • Basic Principles of Self-Defense
  • Target Seeking Drill
  • Escape from Single Hand Choke
  • Escape from Two Handed Chokes
  • Escape from Mounted Position
  • Standing Headlock Escape
  • Wrist Grab Escapes
  • Shirt Grab Escapes
  • Outward Wrist Twist
  • Elbow Control Takedown
  • Assessment L
  • Basic Ground Defense
  • Elbow Flow Drill
  • Muggers Choke Escape

and much, much more!

$99.99 + $5.00 shipping or get one FREE when you attend an EVE4EMS or EVE4Healthcare course.

**CD plays in your internet browser, either on or offline. Works best in Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows. Limited functionality in browsers for MacOS.**