CPI’s NVCI vs. DT4EMS’ EVE – A simple comparison

Every system is great when used for what it was created. EVE and NVCI are certainly proof of that statement. Apply any analogy you wish; a square peg for a round hole, when “every tool is a hammer…” and you “get” what this post is about.

All one really has to do is look at the name of the courses offered. EVE stands for Escaping Violent Encounters, meaning it is designed for the user to escape violence (Injuries from violence are the leading cause of lost work time in healthcare). Contrast that with NVCI, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. Does their name imply their material is for use against violent people? NVCI is a fantastic program for use in non-violent situations. EVE has fantastic uses in the non-violent situation as well. However, EVE places emphasis on the incidents where staff are being injured; by violent people, in volatile situations. 

In the image below, I place a few of the course contents side by side. Take the time to not only look it over, but apply due-diligence in seeking the truth. Your truth will depend on your specific needs. DT4EMS and CPI have both been around long enough for the truth to be out there in social media. At the bottom of the page, a short video has been added to showcase an example of how our physical skills differ.

In addition to the similarities and differences listed in the image, DT4EMS’ EVE also provides:

  • Continuing education that is current with the times
    • Video library
    • Article library
    • Social network 
    • DT4EMS continually researches use-of-force incidents in healthcare
  • Assistance with developing self-defense policies/procedures
  • Assistance with Risk Assessment
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit
  • Assistance with subject matter expert advice/training for staff involved in a violent encounter, including:
    • Use of force documentation
    • Courtroom Demeanor 
    • Post-Assault 
    • DT4EMS founder, Kip Teitsort is active in nationwide teaching of EVE courses
  • EVE is a training program combining patient/provider AND agency safety 


I encourage you to check out CPI and DT4EMS. Choose what is right for you and your agency.  Make sure to check out the video below.