Certified Instructor List



Mike Novak – Director of Fire Services
Mike is the Director of Fire Services for DT4EMS, LLC and has the main focus to integrate the Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) program into the fire service. Mike entered the fire service in 1989 as a volunteer firefighter and is currently the Battalion Chief at Branson Fire Rescue in Branson, MO, where he has the responsibility of Training and Safety.

Mike attended the DT4EMS I/C in Branson, MO in 2010 and shortly after trained all Branson Fire Rescue personnel with the DT4EMS program. He soon realized that the program was designed with the EMS provider in mind and that the fire service could greatly benefit from this training as many of their calls are medical in nature. With the fire service as his focus, Mike has been working to expand the EVE program by presenting it at the University of Missouri Fire Rescue Training Institute’s Winter Fire School and in late 2011, become one of the Missouri Advocates for the Everyone Goes Home© Program which developed the Sixteen Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. As the Missouri Advocate, his goal is to raise the awareness and importance, on a national level, of Initiative # 12 National protocols for response to violent incidents should be developed and championed.

Mike began his instructional career in 2000 surprisingly by becoming a SCUBA instructor. In addition to the EVE Programs that he presents, he teaches fire service courses including Water/Dive Rescue, Hazardous Materials, and many other fire and EMS related courses. He is a Fire Service Instructor II, Fire Officer II, certified Incident Safety Officer, certified Health and Safety Officer, NREMT, and is currently working on a degree in Fire Service Administration.

If you are interested in any DT4EMS or EVE course he is ready to work with you to integrate it into your organization. Every firefighter, EMS provider, or loved one will benefit from the skills learned in one of the EVE programs and could save their life when presented with an attacker.

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Jeff McMullen – Director of Educational Institutions

Jeff has worked in EMS for 17 years and has spent the last 14 years with the Denver Health Paramedic Division. He has held the positions of Paramedic, Field Instructor, Dispatcher, Education Coordinator and is currently the All Hazards Program Coordinator.


He has been a member of the EMS education department since 2008 and is responsible for course delivery outside of the Paramedic Division to include local, regional and international delivery. He completed the DT4EMS I/C course in Weston, WV in October 2010.

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Current Instructor-Trainers (Certified to teach instructor-level courses)

Jeff McMullen (Denver, CO)

Matthew Lopez (Panama City Beach,Florida)

Brett Peine ( Joplin, Missouri)

Thad Torix (Joplin, Missouri)


Certified Instrutors (Certified to teach EVE4EMS/Fire, EVE4HP or both)


Todd Oyen (AL)


Tom Johnson (AR) Greg Johnson (AR) Shawn Nance (AR)


Nancy Bosick (AZ) Shelli Rayroux (AZ)


David Collins (CA)   John Hughes (CA)


Karen Laber (RN) Jeff McMullen (EMT-P) Al Saylor (EMT-P) Jesse Jerome (EMT-P)

Audrey Nottke (RN) Anthony Ware (RN)


David Koscuk (EMT-P)     Victor Morrone (EMT-P)


Tricia Novakoski (RN)  Ronald Kimble (LEO) Kenneth Worley (EMT-P)

Kristina Collins (EMT) Georgia Jenkins (EMT-P) Matthew Lopez (FF,EMT)

Bill Jerard (LEO)



Matt Jones (GA)  Russell Shoemake (GA) Kip Teitsort (GA)

Patrick Flaherty (GA) Jeremy Green (GA) Matt Hildebrand (GA)

Bryan Rathvon (GA) Todd Hendrickson (GA) Bryan Reid (GA)



Tony Huey (RN)  Kenny Kneal (EMT-P)  Scott McCowan (CCEMT-P)



Matt Mullen (MA)



John Bagley (ME)     Crystal Bagley (ME)



Matt Quinn (CCEMT-P)   Don Bogart (FF,EMT)  Robbie Stainbrook (EMT-P)

Spencer Miller (EMT-P/Admin)   Jason Brooks (EMT-P/Admin)



Mike Novak (FF,EMT)   Debbie West (MO)   Graeme Goodwin (EMT-P)

Shane Jaeger (FF,EMT-P)  Lucas Bryant (RN)

Dan Licavoli (EMT-P)   Chad Fulton (EMT-P)  Mike Fields (MO)

Ben Choate (FF,EMT-P)  Darryl Schreffler (RN)

Dax Stillwell (EMT-P)  Donnie Tomnitz (FF,EMT-P)



Garry Parmerleau (EMT-P) Alex Tremain (EMT-P)  Doug Johnson (NC)

Koury Eways (EMT-P)  Sonny Yates (EMT-P)  Anita Swiman (EMT-P)

Gregory “Sollie” Young (NC)  Richard Russo (NC)   Chris McClintock (NC)



Lee Schwartzberg (EMT)



Jeff Susong (FF,EMT-P)   Kelly Austin (OH)



Garrett Kimmell (PA)   Phillip Nunan (PA)

Darrell Fisher (PA)   Jeremy Ulrich (PA)  Phill Wright (PA)


Phil Raupp (WI)  William (Smitty) Searles (WI)   Aaron Reineking (WI)



*LIST IS INCOMPLETE Contact Kip@dt4ems.com to verify your instructor’s status.