“Don’t lose yourself in that rig while you’re hauling.”

IMG_2972Welcome to EMS

a career it’s in which is expected no less

than to give our very  best.


We answer the call of one and all

to help victims of medical or trauma calls.

We are passionate and love what we do

 and give a piece  of us to help a stranger like you.


If only my family, friends and public could see our strife

trying  to stop the hurt, the aches, the grasp at life.

Though we try and try with all our might

losing so many keeps us awake at night.                                             


We,  you see have wounds that won’t heal

the ones we do our best to conceal

caring as much as we doDT_Logo_2013 (1)

it’s part of the job to feel your hurt too.


The death of your loved one in my care

so many calls with death and despair. 

If it were only once the sight I could handle

yet the image a fixture, like a picture on a mantle.

Over and over those images in my brain they sear

too often,  too much, too many times I fear.


The burden of those we couldn’t save

take a toll on us in such a personal way.

Anger, fear, drinking and drugs

become internal demons attacking like thugs.


It was not purposeful this behavior and perception change

heal thyself healer, so who’s to blame?


Suck it up, be tough or quit

that is the culture we are forced to deal with.

Lacking support from our peers who we were taught to respect

with trash talk like that what should you expect?


It’s truly a  career like no other

where some eat their young like a cannibal mother.

For those who last more than a few years

we have shed more than our fair share of tears.


EMS can be fun and exciting

 it’s not all doom and gloom like I’m writing.

I am showing you parts you may not hear in your classes

the world is not as it seems through rose colored glasses.


So welcome to EMS more than a job it’s a calling

just don’t lose yourself in that rig while you’re hauling.fam2

-Kip Teitsort 2/20/2015