DT4EMS’ Medical Director: Dr. Newtons Biography

“When I was presented with the techniques that Kip wanted to teach EMS, I instantly recognized the benefits this training would provide.  As a physician, on occasion, I am confronted by angry patients, usually when I refuse to refill their narcotics.  Those encounters can be very frightening because I don’t know if the patient will attack me or not.  Before I took the DT4EMS class I did not have any self defense skills.  So, I probably would have gotten my butt kicked if I had been attacked.  My nurses would have had no means to help me, and probably would have fled from the attacker anyway.   I personally do not like to fight, and more than likely will walk away from a confrontation if it presented itself.  After taking the first DT4EMS class I now feel very confident I can defend myself, or my staff, should an attack occur.  Even if I was attacked on the street, I can use those skills I learned in DT4EMS to defend myself.  If I wasn’t absolutely confident in the DT4EMS training, then I would not put my stamp of approval on this class.”

Aaron Newton MD is the medical director for DT4EMS.  Dr. Newton is a board certified physician in family medicine, and presently practices at the Gainesville Clinic in Gainesville, MO.  Aside from maintaining a full schedule at the clinic, he also is the medical director for the Gainesville Health Care Center, and is the supervising physician for two nurse practitioners.

In 2004, at the request of Kip Teitsort, the founder and master instructor of DT4EMS, Dr. Newton accepted the position of medical director and has since been instrumental in developing DT4EMS LLC.

Since 2007, Dr. Newton joined his local volunteer fire department as a fireman and first responder.  Presently, he is the assistant chief and fire instructor for the department.  He presently is an adjunct instructor for the Missouri University-Fire Rescue Training Institute, and actively teaches in many classes and training exercises.  He responds to fire calls as well as medical calls.  Dr. Newton is also the medical director for the West Plains Fire Department Hazmat Team (Region G), in West Plains, Missouri.

Dr. Newton grew up in Greenville, S.C, and joined the U.S. Marine Corps right after high school graduation.  After his Marine Corp enlistment, in 1987, he began attending The Univ. of Alaska in Juneau, AK.  After two years he transferred to Rochester Univ. in Rochester, N.Y. to finish an under graduate degree in Neuroscience.  He attended the Medical Univ. of S.C in Charleston, S.C., and completed his residency training in Family Medicine in Selma, Alabama.  He has been practicing in Gainesville Missouri since 1999.