EVE-Advanced from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.


Focus:  Paramedics, Firefighters, EMTs, Healthcare Providers and ER staff.
Length: 8 hours
Pre-Requisites: DT4EMS-1 (E.V.E-4-EMS/Fire or E.V.E-4-HP)

Knife Threat


Real-World Application

Our Escaping Violent Encounters (E.V.E.) courses give the EMS/Fire or healthcare provider the options needed to recognize a developing threat of assault, deflect it if possible, escape if practicable, and to defend if necessary.


You have already trained with us or you would not be viewing this link.

  • E.V.E. Advanced is a potent, effective, and ultimately practical combination of many different disciplines brought into one comprehensive training course. 
  • E.V.E. Advanced is Practical.  We are going to build from upon the drills you learned in your initial EVE course and share how to apply them against an armed attacker.
  • E.V.E.  Advanced is Defensible.   DT4EMS provides “Assault Response Guidelines” for those instances when prevention and avoidance are just not enough. We will show you when and where it is reasonable to utilize certain tools of opportunity should the situation present itself. 
  • E.V.E. Advanced is Designed to be Liability Conscious.  Beyond receiving training in the limits to force and restraint by healthcare personnel, participants are trained in articulation and documentation skills that will hold up to any scrutiny in any legal or ethical venue. Sound decisions in the face of a dangerous assault by a patient, and the articulation skills to prove the reasonableness of those responses will reduce the liability exposure in any situation.

E.V.E. Advanced is an 8-hour course covering the basic skills required by any EMS responder or provider when facing possible, or even imminent assault with an attacker using a weapon. The course content consists of:

  • Edged Weapon Defense.
  • Stick/Club Defense.
  • Firearm Disarms.
  • Ground Defense Skills.
  • Use of intermediate/improvised weapon (Tactical Safety Shears)

Certified DT4EMS Instructors Jeff McMullen and Al Saylor practice skills during an EVE-Advanced Class