Consulting Services

DT4EMS, LLC provides a wide-range of consulting services in the field of force and self defense in the EMS/Fire and healthcare disciplines. These services provide support, direction and research into past, present and future incidents to reduce liability exposures while correspondingly increasing EMS provider safety.

DT4EMS, LLC can provide a broad spectrum of services related to force and self-defense ranging from single incident reviews to complete agency policy analysis with court supported and defensible recommendations. Services are available for providing a review of procedures, conduct detailed incident reviews and drafting concise after action reports.

DT4EMS, LLC provides over 20 years of experience in many aspects of public safety including EMS, Law Enforcement, Education and supervisory roles. Jason Brooks is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in the field of EMS/Fire and healthcare self-defense and scene safety training.

Services provided for agency and individual employees may include:

  •     Staff use of force
  •     Claim of self-defense
  •     Wrongful Termination
  •     Workers Compensation claims after injury from assault
  •     Employee Separation due to use of force
  •     Civil or criminal actions regarding healthcare provider’s use of force
  •     Policy recommendations

Consulting services are provided on an hourly rate, with additional expenses negotiated at the time of contract completion. Contact Jason Brooks at DT4EMS, LLC (3600 Cooper St. Jackson, MI 49240 or e-mail ) for more information.