Culture = Changed! Watch the video and see what we mean!

Kip Teitsort had his ambulance car-jacked while loaded with a patient. You can read Kip’s account of the violent encounter HERE. That is just part of the story! It is what happens in the weeks, months and years after the fact that bring inspiration to those in EMS/Fire and the emergency department setting! Instead IMG_4135of just getting angry, he went on a mission to change a culture regarding (and the perception of) violence in medicine. The mission- to help keep EMS/Fire and emergency department staff safer from acts of violence. This short video may change everything you think you know about violence in nursing, EMS and Firefighters on the EMS run. DT4EMS’ EVE was a hobby that turned into a passion. This video shows how the tragic, life changing event of one man has turned into a full-fledged grass roots movement!

DT4EMS’ Escaping Violent Encounters is designed for healthcare professionals in EMS/Fire and ED Nursing. This short clip describes the problem with the safety culture in emergency medicine and how DT4EMS’ EVE is the solution.Everyoneinmedicalservices