DT4EMS EXCLUSIVE: EMS’ Cab Camera Captures Scary Video/Audio

TopThreeReasonsv2This video clip (below) was sent to me in the hopes of helping others see the need for a culture change. I have quoted statistics for years, screamed from the rooftops, been interviewed on radio and television stations, spoke in conferences and classes across the US… but little will make a person “think” like a video of real responders in a truly stressful situation.



The video was blurred to keep anonymity of the staff/agency involved. Like all videos we share on DT4EMS.com we do so for training purposes. I can tell you the incident occurred in an affluent area, with an agency who in all honesty rarely does face violence or use-of-force situations. As this video will prove, no service is immune.

When the original call comes in, a male can be heard telling the dispatcher something is wrong with a 21y/o male. The “patient” is waving his arms around and saying there is something in his head.  Dispatch asks if he is being “combative”…


*Warning* Foul language present.

What would you do if you found yourself in the situation like in this video? Think about it as you watch it.

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After you watch this video, ask yourself some of these questions:

1) When you watched the video, did you think about “Whack ’em with the O2 Bottle” or other things people have mentioned here: JADED

2) Have you mentally prepared for violence or the use-of-force on the job? This link Mental Prep will offer some tips. Believe it or not, simply imagining what you would do “reasonably” in a situation like the one you just watched IS mental preparation.

3) Do you understand what “reasonable” means when it comes to using force on the job? By clicking this link Understanding Reasonable can help you with that.

4) Do you know how to properly document any use-of-force? Here is a link to some documentation tips.

What we find regarding many incidents like this, is staff reluctance to report any incident where there was a use of force. Ironically I just completed this post about “surprised” administrators when they find out how much this really happens.


We must change the culture!

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