DT4EMS- Fighting for the Rights of Victimized Staff

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes the average provider and administrator is unaware of. We at DT4EMS are constantly trying to not only help agencies protect their staff, but sometimes we are having to educate both staff and administrators.

So, in between all of the social media fires we put out regarding the use of force by staff (restraint issues, assaulted staff or staff assaulting true medical patients) we may be writing an expert opinion for lawyers to help staff to get their job back after a use-of-force incident, or assisting a state ems office in their investigation of helping remove the license/certification of staff that act inappropriate, even may be contacting reporters when news of an assault takes place and begging reporters to research violence against medical professionals …it goes on and on and on…

Here is an example of what DT4EMS’ Kip Teitsort does in an attempt to help fight for the rights of victimized staff.