DT4EMS’ Functional Workout

DT4EMS Functional Workout

  • Know your limits. Practice safely under the advice of your physician.
  • This can be practiced with or without a partner.
  • Best if you can see yourself in a mirror when not practicing with a partner


1) Side Step – Just l,ike in class. Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hands behind your back to focus on your feet. Work both directions to the left and to the right. Returning your feet to the starting position after each turn. Practice for a solid two minutes without stopping.                                                                (Imagine a person trying to touch a shoulder and you side-step out of the way)

2) DTP– Both Sides- visualize each beat (25 times each side for a total of 50) In class we only have 16 hours worth of time to show you “what and how” to practice. It is up to you to become more proficient by practicing. 

3) Alternating Knees (with or without a partner) (20 times)

4) Seated Break falls (exhale “get back” when your shoulder hit the mat. Do not allow your head to strike the ground. (10 times)

4) BGD- Up in Base (10 each side) Starting and Ending in Defensive Stance each time

5) Target Seeking Drill (10 times through- starting from defensive stance)

6) Bridge (15 times each side)


This completes on set. The idea is to build up to multiple sets in a workout.