DT4EMS is bullsh!t… The KravateJitsuMixedDeltaTakeOneSwatSambKaliGunClubH2HCQB class I took once taught me everything.

Quite possibly the most difficult part of DT4EMS’ EVE, is simple getting people to do their due diligence regarding not only the subject of violence and the use of force in medicine, but the available training as well.

No matter the amount of evidence we provide, proving the efficacy of EVE, from success on the street testimonials, the times named subject matter expert, the articles published (print and video series) in trade magazines, named industry best practice by risk management, front line staff through management singing the praises of our culture changing message…  From people I have never met, or trained with, I hear they said ” DT4EMS is bullsh!t…” because the KravateJitsuMixedDeltaTakeOneSwatSambKaliGunClubH2HCQB class they took once taught them everything for self-defense.

DT4EMS’ EVE isn’t supposed to be a one-and-done type training. That is made perfectly clear from the moment the class starts through the completion of the written exam. I am proud to say many people who had no training prior to taking EVE, became motivated to further their training in martial arts afterwards.

Here is a single blog post, using a small collection of videos, to help cut through the BS. If at the end of this entire post, we haven’t shown our willingness to seek the truth, at least you have done YOUR due diligence and researched the topic. 

DT4EMS does have roots in martial arts. I am literally the perpetual white-belt. Sticks, knives, firearms, striking and grappling… I am always trying to improve, not only my skills, but in knowledge. Thing is, martial arts is NOT what we teach to the healthcare providers. Martial arts is for martial artists. Law Enforcement DT is for cops. My being a paramedic, plus the training and experience with police DT, and the various martial arts I trained over a life-time, that provide the perspective I have on what works or doesn’t (more often than not) for self-defense.

Some may say (without training with me) “That Dt4EMS crap would never work under pressure…” OK. I can see how one might think that way. In order to stick with seeking the truth, to see “if” what we teach makes a difference, we started using a FIST suit back in 2004. This gives us the opportunity for participants to pressure test the physical skills of escaping a violent encounter (on the job) in healthcare:


“You don’t know what it is like on the front lines…” Admittedly, in the first few years, Dt4EMS was a hobby. I was focused on being the best police officer/paramedic/martial artist I could be. Everything changed one cool fall morning in 2000. It became very personal when my ambulance was carjacked. I started researching, truly in -depth digging, and found many stories much worse than mine. The ridicule the victims’ faced after an assault was usually much worse than the assault itself:

My Carjacking

“I’d just hit them with the O2 Bottle.” — I’d use the rescue bag to block with.” — “Crack them with the clipboard!” Such talk is common in EMS. I thought what better way to find out the truth than to pressure test the theory:

Pressure Testing

For the first ten years, I was ridiculed for even trying to raise awareness of violence in healthcare. Mainly since the stories I would share were mostly anecdotal, and little, if any, news/media attention was afforded the subject. Now, thanks to cell phone cameras, security footage, and social media, I now have irrefutable proof the dirty little secret exists: 


The deeper I dug, I found, if we don’t offer people “reasonable” options when faced with a use of force decision, they will respond how they “feel like” at the time. Providers have lost their job, their licences/certifications, and even some their freedom, for their use of force on the job.

FF USe of Fore

No urban paramedics would like DT4EMS’ EVE. Especially those who have some boxing experience:


Surely a combat veteran, with MCMAP skills would think DT4EMS has no place in their realm:

Combat Corpsman

What then would a retired pro MMA fighter say about DT4EMS’ EVE? Surely he believes it is bullshit:



Yeah, well the guy who started Dt4EMS… That guy thinks he is some sort of tough-guy. Whata bunch of bullshido…


Admin must hate it… There is no way a class that actually preaches the safety of the provider is just as important as patient safety would fly with them:




All you have to do is look through the material here on the www.dt4ems.com website, and you will see that EVE is mission specific. We don’t claim to teach people how to win a fight, or how to kill a man in three moves. We have a sole focus- of the healthcare provider safely escaping a violent encounter on the job, while not assaulting true patients. There is so much more to EVE than just a few techniques.