DT4EMS Escaping Violent Encounters for the Educational Professional (EVE4EP)

DT4EMS and MHEC Inc. has partnered to provide a unique course that has gained national attention in the educational communities all across the country. The DT4EMS EVE4EP course is designed to educate our educators in situational safety to a whole new level of understanding and protection. This one day course offers 8 hours of hands on scenario and stimulating lecture in personal protection.

In 2011-2012 5% of all teachers reported being physically attacked at school according to a 2014 report published by NCES. This course is designed to bridge the gap in safety during lockdown procedures at any educational institution. The program covers the “what if” scenarios in Escaping the Violent Encounter that educators face daily across the nation. Contact your local regional training center for more information today!

Course Objectives

* Understanding the Need for Training

* Assault Response Levels (knowing when & how)

* Laws of Self Defense

* Cover & Concealment

* Mental Preparation

* Actual Physical Skills

* Self Defense “Principals”

* Physiological & Psychological Response to Violence