Expandable Baton

Our Expandable Baton classes are taught by an experienced baton instructor and we offer two different courses. One is for certified Law Enforcement and the other is for civilians. Both classes are 8 hours in length. If you are tired of the same boring baton classes check us out!

Civilian and/or Law Enforcement classes are available.

The topics covered are:

  •     Types of Batons
  •     The Appropriate Use of Force
  •     Basics of Movement
  •     Balance
  •     Stance
  •     Proper Baton Grips
  •     Carry Methods
  •     Drawing the Baton
  •     Baton Blocks
  •     Baton Strikes (Closed and Open)
  •     Baton Retention
  •     Baton Disarms
  •     Empty Hand Defense (Against a Baton)