Female EMS Crew Attacked by Naked Man: Video Breakdown

This incident pissed me off. Mainly for the way the crew were treated during and after the incident, and the failure of the mainstream media to cover it. Here you have a female crew, randomly attacked, and it is basically not fit for “if it bleeds it leads” model.

Huge props to Sean Hulsman up at Twin City Ambulance for putting this together. Sean does a great job of explaining how the 6 Steps we teach in EVE would apply to this type of situation.
It is tactics before techniques, and a combination thereof, that provide a better outcome for escaping a violent encounter on the job.
I for one am so very thankful the outcome of this incident was not as bad as it could have been.- Kip

Female EMS Crew Attacked by Naked Man: The Breakdown from DT4EMS (Kip Teitsort) on Vimeo.