Firefighters Use of Force Captured on Camera; Is this a win?

I say, if you never trained them, how do you blame them? FFs, while heroic and courageous, they are still human.
When faced with a use of force situation, they will respond. How they respond will be based upon their training- or lack of it.
The pendulum of force swings in both directions. Too little, or too much… “reasonable” is somewhere in between.
Winning a self-defense situation in EMS/Fire is unique. Train accordingly.

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“Tapes from a surveillance camera show Portland firefighters forcing a 48-year-old man to the floor and one kicking him after he argued with them in the lobby of his apartment buildilng. A spokesman for the Portland Fire Bureau said a different story likely would emerge if the videotape had also recorded what was said in the lobby because the man was being aggressive and the firefighters felt threatened.”

 Source: Youtube

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