Host a Train-the-Trainer Course

Bring the E.V.E.N.T. (Escaping Violent Encounters National Trainers) to your location!

How to bring our Train-the-Trainer to your agency!



The instructor course is $8,994.00 (Max of 12 during instructor portion)  Fee covers speaker fee, travel, lodging, meals, key code (online content access)for each student , E-Course Certificate for each student and an instructor Resource Thumb-Drive will be included. 

Did you know that many of the agencies that host the train-the-trainer usually recoup a lot of the cost by opening “slots” to outside agencies?

Should the host agency wish to open seats/slots for non-employees, DT4EMS will place host agency’s course listing on our national calendar and help fill the class to help offset the host agency’s costs.


You have to have a location large enough to have a PowerPoint presentation and a separate area for skills. The reason for this is to create the dynamic learning environment we need to make the course a success.

Those wishing to host a course will need to locate the following items and have them present for the class:

  • Mats (martial arts, tumbling, wrestling etc.) for the floor. Schools, local police departments will usually allow you to borrow them.
  • LCD Projector
  • Screen
  • Computer Speakers



Once a person is trained  and certified as a discipline-specific instructor, they are allowed to teach in-house, yet open up training to outside staff- EVE4EMS/Fire (16 hour course), EVE4 Healthcare Professionals “EVE4HCP” (for ER and Nursing staff an 8- hour course) and our outreach program of EVE4Women an 8-hour women’s self-defense program.


So with a little leg work on your part, you can essentially host us at little or no cost to your agency.


DT4EMS, LLC will provide Professional Instructor(s), a Laptop Computer and the PowerPoint Program as well as purchased course materials for the course.


The DT4EMS/ EVE Instructor Course  is an “Doctor Approved”, medically directed  40-hour (Instructor) course. It is both physically and mentally demanding.  We strongly suggest candidates evaluate their physical limitations prior to attending the course.

DT4EMS LogoThe first two days of the course will be a DT4EMS’ E.V.E. Course modeled by the EVENT (EVE National Trainers). These 16 hours (EVE4EMS/Fire) or 8 hours EVE4HP may be a review for those who have attended the course in the past. If it is an 40-hour, the third day ( second day for EVEHP Instructor) is “how” to teach Escaping Violent Encounters (E.V.E.). The last two days are all student teaching. In our experience this gives the instructor candidate the tools necessary to prepare for teaching E.V.E. at their agency.

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, all instructor candidates are considered Tier 3 and allowed to teach at their agency only. Tier 2 are allowed to travel, and Tier 1 are DT4EMS Instructor-Trainers.

*Note* What we mean by teaching “at their agency” is we don’t want someone to take our instructor class and then be teaching courses in their garage. We generally evaluate an instructors performance after they have taught some “in-house” classes at their agency, before we allow them to travel and teach somewhere other than their agency.

When teaching a class at their agency, they are welcome to have anyone from any other ED, Fire or EMS service attend.

It is all about “quality control”. We have introduced a high-liability subject into medicine/Fire in a well researched and practiced way. With that in mind we keep a pretty tight reign on “how” the material is presented. One wrong instruction and we could lose an entire area.

Upon successful completion of the DT4EMS Instructor Course the candidate will be able to teach at his/her agency. The candidate is not an employee of DT4EMS L.L.C.

So there is no confusion please understand that all courses must be approved by DT4EMS L.L.C.. Each participant in an approved course must have course materials. DT4EMS L.L.C. does not set the fee an agency charges for any of the courses. The cost of materials (Key code for online access, Workbook and E-Certificate is $14.99).  Certificates may only be obtained from DT4EMS L.L.C.

EVE4EMS/Fire is approved for 16 CEU’s in several states.


There is homework involved.   A laptop is truly essential for the class.

If it sounds as though the requirements are tough, well, they are.  DT4EMS’ Escaping Violent Encounters Course is designed to help any Fire/EMS or healthcare provider in four main areas. It is pPicture3reparing the participant for mental, physical, legal and media battles when having to use force in defending themselves. We are more than a class, we are about changing the safety culture in medicine with regards to attacks on staff.

After successful completion of an instructor level course, the candidate would coordinate and train EMS/Fire and health care providers how to escape violent encounters they face in the medical field (while maintaining a professional image).

We don’t want bullies or tough guys. We are looking for people to train staff how important their safety truly is. In our  you will see news reports of assaults on EMS/Fire and healthcare providers from all over the the United States. 




The DT4EMS Instructor course is a 40-hour course consisting of the following:

  • Setting up the proper learning environment
  • Basic lecture skills
  • Teaching the skills of DT4EMS
  • Recognizing and teaching different types of students
  • Safety concerns/practices
  • Practical evaluation skills
  • PowerPoint Presentation Skills- that won’t cause death
  • Use of A/V Aids
  • History of DT4EMS
  • Understanding the need for culture change
  • Teaching reasonale force options/levels
  • Documentation Training
  • Teaching Survival Mindset
  • Setting up and conducting scenario based training
  • Proficiency training in the drills and skills taught in a EVE Course.
  • Participants will receive a  course manual with instructional videos.
  • Instructor Candidates must have Instructor thumb-drive in addition to access to alumni and instructor portals.

NOTE:  When teaching an approved course, each participant in your course must have their own course materials. The instructor will receive, after course approval, permission to print course workbooks for each student.


An E-Certificate will be sent after DT4EMS receives completed class roster.

For liability reasons we do not allow the course materials to be placed in a library setting.


You may contact Jason Brooks at 517-784-9111 or email if you have any questions or would like to schedule a class!