How To Video: Ho Made Pepper-Spray with Mitch D’Umbashit

What would Mitch do (WWMD) if he couldn’t purchase real pepper spray? Mitch explains how he makes his own in this “How-to” video. Warning: Mitch is an idiot. He is not an expert in martial arts, self-defense, or anything medically related. As with those like him, He uses the internet to spew fake advice to make himself appear better, smarter, and tougher, than he actually is. Anything in the form of advice you see or hear Mitch do, or say, is morally, ethically, and legally incorrect. Following his advice may land you in the unemployment line, and even worse, jail. Again, Mitch is an idiot. Don’t be a Mitch.

If staff are not presented with appropriate training in the use-of-force on the job, they will obtain (mis)information from somewhere.

How to make Ho Made Pepper-Spray from DT4EMS (Kip Teitsort) on Vimeo.