Before You Touch Your Next Patient, STOP and Watch This Clip. It could save your career!

Over the years I have had people email or call and ask about our “Street Survival Course”. I tell them they must have me confused with another program, because we teach there are actually 4 areas (Mind, Street, Media and Courts) in which a provider must prepare for… The street is just one of them. 

In this clip I am simply pointing out the battle that is the media (social and mainstream) and how we must be ever aware of the possibility our actions will be captured on video. We are all aware of cases where people have been brought to criminal trial, found not guilty in the criminal sense, only to be devoured by the media both social and mainstream. At DT4EMS we train people to appear non-aggressive both with verbal skills and body language. All of our physical skills are defensive in nature and none can be used punitively.

Watch the clip below, come back and read the rest. Don’t forget to check out the hyperlink of some media nightmares below the video. We must train to WIN the battle of the media and see its importance as that of the street (physical encounter) itself.



I ask you to view any of the clips here  then ask yourself if this is a “win” in the media. We are not discussing if what the staff did was right or wrong, simply asking if the public perception can be swayed by what they view in the media?

I have tried and tried, as have hundreds who are now culture changers themselves, to get people to abandon the myths of what self-defense is, and is not, particularly in medicine.  Maybe, just maybe, this clip will have the confused consider the depth of the epidemic and research the topic further.

Use DT4EMS or don’t. The choice is yours. Nothing changes the fact the problem exists. Educate yourself and your peers about how winning on the street (beating someone up) does not provide protection from the media or the courts (real and public opinion). 

When you look here  , you must wonder how much was spent by each agency in PR to regain the public trust.