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We have all heard the jokes about “O2 Therapy” as a self-defense response. If not “reasonable” in selection the provider will find themselves unemployed and possibly in jail. Train for the probabilities, not the possibilities.

It’s more than just the physical skills. We truly provide the much needed critical thinking skills for medical staff to deal with the on-the-job violent encounter.
Medicine is unique. We can’t just train in techniques because a confused patient can grab in a similar manner as a drunk or drugged attacker. Treating one like the other can have dire consequences.
You don’t have to die to be changed forever from a violent encounter on the job.

Saving Yours, while you save others.
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Drunk is not sick safe

Whack-em Response

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Lethal Force IS Lethal Force.
Equal ForceMore than survive

Never_happens Solution

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Mental Preparation for the Violent Encounter


Use a Proper System

When using a system not designed for the

StagingScene Safety requires more than just a policy on staging.  Preparation for the violent encounter is not the                                                                                                              same as being paranoid.

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Laws don’t offer protection, but they prove their is a problem with violence in medicine.


We train different in our approach in addressing the violent encounter.

We are changing the culture.

Paradigm                               One Base

Learning to defend yourself while being attacked …


Mental Prep


Drunk is not sick.


Make sure you are training all 4 areas.


We hear about how lives are changed after the violent encounter (PTSD)



A simple safety tactic (not technique) we taught the NAEMT







How To Change The Culture


There is a huge difference in fighting vs self-defense


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Wise do at the start

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