Instructor Alignment

As DT4EMS grows there is need for change in managing quality assurance and prompt response to maintain the integrity of the system and the support of our wonderful instructors. Below you will find important details that you as an instructor must follow to be successful in your DT4EMS instructor realms.

Regional Training Center Alignment

The US is now broken into two regional training centers. These centers will approve your courses, provide you the required CD’s upon purchase, and provide you the support for the DT4EMS courses from completion certificates to generalized question answering and marketing support. Below you will see the breakdown of who is responsible for what states. Michiana Healthcare in coordination with the DT4EMS office will handle all international requests.


The Regional Centers will be contacting you soon regarding the specifics for each site and coordination of your courses.


We are asking you again to register with the National office your instructor status. We need some more information from you and will assign an instructor number for your future courses and tracking. This will include your current expiration date of your instructor status. Please have your certificate handy and attach to the registration for processing at the regional training centers. This must be completed by December 31st, 2015. Click Here to Register. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your assigned regional training center at the below information.

Region 1 – Michiana Healthcare Education Center Inc. Jason Brooks at 866-620-0510 extension 702 or

Region 2- Reedsburg Area Ambulance Service – Josh Kowalke at 608-524-3074 orĀ