Instructor Equipment

Products listed below are the recommended standard for DT4EMS Sponsored courses. Product substitutions are acceptable as long as they meet the required use requirements and are approved by the national or local training center coordinators.

Safety Equipment from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.

Here is another place that has good prices:
2 Forearm Shields
Puzzle Mats at SAMS   9X12 =108 pieces of 2×2 mats for a class of 24.
If you have a harbor freight near, they have a cheap price on the puzzle mats: 9X12 =108 pieces of 2×2 mats for a class of 24.
here is a similar puzzle mat at Academy sports. You need 9 pieces per two people:
9X12 =108 pieces of 2×2 mats for a class of 24.
Of you can buy 1 4×8 or 5×10 mat per 2 people. This is a cheaper way than folding ones here:×10-training-mat-black

Puzzle Mats

Wal-Mart Puzzle Mats

($19.77 each)
1.5 packages per 2 people = 18 packages Needed

Arm Shields

The forearm shields take the place of focus mitt style pads so they can substitute one of those forearm shields for every single one of the hand target/focus mitt.

Need one focus mitt or forearm shield per two people. The benefit of having at least 4 of the forearm shields is the ability to let them practice the bent arm check well. (Hard heavy punch to their head)

Cost: $13.49

New Product- GymFloor Mats

In lieu of puzzle mats. $146.99

The GSC Bonded Foam Mat is firmer than polyfoam mats, but softer than polyethylene mats! Top quality 2” thick bonded foam mat designed for comfort and moderate support. Perfect for tumbling, exercise, play and low impact gymnastics by elementary and middle school age children. Nylon reinforced tough 18 oz. vinyl cover uses double reinforced, nylon stitched inverted seams to create a smooth working surface. Each mat has 2′ panels and 2′ folds.

Academy Sports

ACADEMY SPORTS also has everything you would need to run a class. Most of these items are all in a local store. While it is not the exact items listed  above from Wal-Mart, I saw Blocking Shields/Kick Shields in the football section. Then the puzzle mats, focus mitts and even Muay Thai forearm shields were in the section with boxing gloves.


This is the suit the simulated “attacker” wears at the end of class. In the past, this company has offered 25% off when the suit is paid for in advance, you must let them know it’s associated with DT4EMS. This isn’t a guaranteed percent off, but a chance at a better price. Now the 333 is what we at DT4EMS recommend due to the fact that our “attacker” is taking a full on defensive assault and provides more protection than the standard 300 series. This will also meet the Advanced DT4EMS Course requirements as well.

Equipment Tip-- If you have instructors who are just getting started and need equipment you can leverage the EVE 4 women to the retailers for equipment or for a discount. Let them know you are teaching the course and see what they can do to help the community. If you have a newsletter or something offer them free placement. Additionally you can offer 1 or 2 slots for their female employees to attend a course. One of our centers did it at DICKS Sport, and another Alumni member did it at Wal-Mart. The community retailers will support this program; we just have to let them know it exist