Mental Prep Practice: Philly Fire Incident

Mental Prep Practice is performed by taking real-life incidents and considering reasonable responses to various problems presented.


As with all the videos we use, there should be no blame or ridicule directed at Fire/EMS/Nursing personnel involved. Since human interaction/conflict is dynamic, there is no such thing as the perfect action/choice. Instead we purchase a moment-in-time, that allows for another. Chain enough together and that is how one wins.

In this particular video, we can observe what appears to be a motor vehicle crash. I’m going out on a limb here, but I would postulate the driver of said vehicle is the one we observe acting erratically.

As you go through the video, ask yourself truthfully, “What would I do if…?” to each stage of the encounter. You don’t have to be right, but you do have to be reasonable. Some considerations may include:

  • How badly does he need medical intervention at this particular time? Should he even be considered a patient?
  • Notice the behavior, particularly the speed
  • Notice the crowd? They are potential witnesses for ALL actions, including any rescuers.
  • Does this guy have an increased pain-threshold? Does the ability to feel pain play a role in the use of force in self-defense or patient restraints?
  • Have you ever had a person try to enter your ambulance or rescue unit when they are not welcomed?
  • What is the tone of the voice heard on the camera (possibly the cameraman)? Does it change? If so, when?


Don’t watch videos like this for just the shock/entertainment value. Utilize them as a learning tool. As humans we are prone to “FREEZE”, if even for a moment, when the body is forced someplace the mind has never been. That is the single most important reason mental prep practice is important.

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