Game Changer

As a recent graduate of EMT school, I didn’t know how to handle violent situations while on the job. After this course, I feel not only confident in my skills to deescalate a situation verbally, but now I know how to properly handle violent situations physically. The instructor of my course was absolutely wonderful. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I recommend this course to any and all Healthcare providers.

Houston Berry

I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

I have been a prehospital provider since 1992. In my life, I never thought that I would become a victim while in the field. I also thought that I knew the actions I had taken before in the field were right and done with good intention. I found out I was wrong on all accounts. You learn so much throughout this course in two short days, including tactics on how to handle these situations, as well as how NOT to handle them, in addition to learning some techniques to help get out of a violent situation. I recommend it from a student before going to the street up to the most experienced provider.

Vincent Miller
Claymont Fire Co., De

We Get to Love Our Jobs Again

We started teaching EVE to our ED staff in early 2014. Since then, our satisfaction scores in regards to staff safety have skyrocketed. In all the years I have worked in emergency medicine, I have never been surrounded by so many staff that feel so supported in regards to their safety. We are changing a culture from being “part of the job” to a culture of resilience and empowerment. Staff feel safe. When staff feel supported, they being to rediscover the love they have for what they do. When we decide to support a culture of resilience and empowerment, it shines through our care as well. We get to love our jobs again, and love caring for patients. No more fear and powerlessness

Karen Laber
Denver Health
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