Not all Defensive Tactics (DT) Courses for EMS are in fact “DT4EMS” or our EVE.

We are not affiliated with this type of training and here is why:

1) We are trying to get the medical community to recognize there is NO SUCH THING as a combative patient. The moment staff understand, they will back away from an aggressor and they will not use pain on true medical patients. Patient or Attacker


2) If there was such an amazing technique that worked to control “combative patients” as the article claims... why then are cops all across the country not using it? Why do cops have Taser, baton, pepper spray and firearm for when that amazing technique FAILS?

3) Police techniques are used to take CUSTODY of a person not wishing to be arrested. Most of the techniques use some form of pain compliance (as their picture shows- a painful joint lock)… we operate under CONSENT. Who is going to consent to pain? Don’t you have to fill out a pain scale on every “PATIENT”? Read CUSTODY or CARE


4) I too was a police officer, martial artist and a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor… Flowchart2however, as a paramedic, I created this program based on the medical perspective and what we need to escape a violent encounter… not to try and CONTROL a person. The only person we can truly control is our-self.

5) My research shows the leading INCIDENT for an assault to occur to staff or the illegal use of force BY STAFF is during a restraint situation. Soft restraints are hard times for medicine!