Self-Defense for EMS: Some pressure testing of the advice I was given

Self-Defense for EMS is crazy unique. EMTs and Paramedics are on some of the same scenes, dealing with some of the SAME people police officers are dealing with.
The advice I was given early on (1990) was “Do whatever it takes to go home at the end of your shift.” Sounds easy enough right?
Then when I asked peers about what to do, I was told to use everything from the O2 bottle and a mag light to strike with, and use the clip board or fist in bag to block with.
After spending the last 20 years researching the use of force in EMS, one thing I can say is not all advice is god advice.
In this video, I use my son Shawn Teitsort as a test dummy. Shawn has been involved in the martial arts since he was 3. He has trained in BJJ, Karate, TKD and Kali-Silat.
Let’s see how well he can use the items as self-defense tools when faced with the unique situation an EMS provider is in.
Self-defense for healthcare staff is unique. No other profession must recognize the difference between a patient or a criminal aggressor on the job like we do.
Workplace violence and attacks on EMS is an epidemic. DT4EMS’ EVE Escaping violent encounters can provide staff with the tools to make better decisions when faced with the use of force on the job.

Whack ’em with the O2 Bottle! Use the rescue/first-in bag to block with… from DT4EMS (Kip Teitsort) on Vimeo.
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