Tactical Duty Knife

Kip has taught the TDK course to hundreds of Police Officers in Missouri. TDK was created by G.T. Williams of Cutting Edge Training. This course is recognized for 8 P.O.S.T. CEU’s in Missouri.

This course if for Certified Law Enforcement only

The topics covered are:

  •     Types of Tac-Folders
  •     Knife Orientation
  •     Knife as a Rescue Tool
  •     Justification for the TDK
  •     Press Deploy
  •     Escape Cuts
  •     Universal Defense Principles
  •     Edged Weapon Defense
  •     Real-World Defense Skills.
  •     Weapon Retention

This course is offered through the Missouri Sheriff’s Training Academy ONLY. To schedule the course contact: Donna Arney , Administrative Assistant at (573) 635-9644 ext. 13 or e-mail kip@dt4ems.com for more info.