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5 Questions you should ask before your next patient restraint situation

For years I have attempted to raise awareness of the dangers involved with patient restraints. Oftentimes my pleas of reason fall upon deaf ears. Now, since the subject of violence is getting some real attention, the bandwagon is replete with new patient restraints classes/courses¬†using police style (custody/control) systems, or martial arts (fighting/submission) techniques. Some are […]

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The dangerous phrase of “Combative Patient” Parts 1 and 2

. By definition, a combative patient can’t exist. That aside, the label, along with the thought process, and conviction to serve patients, nurses, medics and EMTs oftentimes find themselves connected with attackers. DT4EMS’ EVE teaches staff the ability to recognize a change in relationship. When a person is no longer to be considered a patient. […]

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