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Shocking Video of Nurse Choked; What We Can Learn

There are a series of unfortunate mistakes occur in the video below.  It is not a “technique” or a talk-down de-escalation  trick, but a series of tactics AND techniques for a situation like this. In order to better protect staff and actual patients, culture change must take place. As with all videos we use for training, […]

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Top 5 Utterly Ridiculous Reasons We Have Heard for Failing To Train

  No matter the plethora of testimonials, the veracity of the evidence, nor the personal-heartbreaking stories, some still have reasons for not training their staff. What I am going to do with this Chronicles post is share with you some of the most common utterly ridiculous reasons given for failing to train staff for the […]

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What is causing the spike in assaults on healthcare providers?

I’ve been doing this DT4EMS culture change movement for nearly 20 years, and the one thing I can assure you is…assaults are not really increasing. What we are witnessing is an increase in the recognition and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of criminal assaults on staff.   Rise in Assaults? from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo. With this newly found acknowledgement, […]

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