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4 T’s for Dealing with Workplace Violence (WPV) in Emergency Medicine

DT4EMS’ 4 T’s for dealing with Workplace Violence, a violent encounter, you know, self-defense in Emergency Medicine. Emergency nurses assaulted, medic headbutted and a Detroit medic describes assaults are common. Reports of assaults on staff in the field of emergency medicine occur almost daily. Regardless of their uniform, staff need suitable preparation for a reasonable response […]

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DT4EMS EXCLUSIVE: EMS’ Cab Camera Captures Scary Video/Audio

This video clip (below) was sent to me in the hopes of helping others see the need for a culture change. I have quoted statistics for years, screamed from the rooftops, been interviewed on radio and television stations, spoke in conferences and classes across the US… but little will make a person “think” like a […]

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I’d Tap That…Twice!

 The Double Tap Parry (DTP) from DT4EMS RELATED: Stances and Assessment L We have had a lot of people who have never attended one of our classes ask about our shirt and the “I’d Tap That…Twice” saying. I love the looks I get in airports across the country as I am sporting one. Your should […]

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