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Pressure Points, Paramedics, and Combative Patients

Pressure Points, Paramedics, and Combative Patients   Hook, line, and Sinker! As a young cop, I was introduced to a formalized suspect custody/control program. It was widely taught in law enforcement academies, and touted as amazingly effective. Being the perpetual martial arts white-belt, I jumped at the opportunity to train. I later became an instructor […]

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EVE4HP (In-Hospital)

There is a widely recognized but little acknowledged problem threatening healthcare personnel; injury through assault. The frequency of assault on our healthcare, and hospital staff is alarming. Many healthcare professionals have anecdotal stories of how they were attacked by a violent patient, an angry bystander or upset family member. While most attacks are not life [...]

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Video – Mental Preparation and Survival Mindset

It’s 9:15 in the morning. You are at your station, finishing truck check and chores, when a man drives up. Then man gets out of his car, he appears agitated and is demanding information. He begins to demand the name of staff members present. The man is asked to leave and struggle ensues. Within moments […]

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