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Violence- Duty to Act?

SENSE OF DUTY TO ACT When the NAEMT posted the results of a completed study/survey, I found myself bewildered. The results of the study revealed the number one reason for injury in the field (52%) was due to assault, but only 21% of EMS felt their personal safety was an issue. Yes, I realize more […]

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Safety Tactics: “Stances” and the “Assessment L”

Safety Tactic: Stances We have all heard the quotes regarding prevention, you know, never having to do something like “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” –Ben Franklin and of course Sun Tzu said that “the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without even fighting.” But one of my […]

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RELATED: ABOUT US (READ ME First)   FAQs regarding DT4EMS’ EVE Q. What is DT4EMS’ EVE? A. DT4EMS’ is the company and Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) is the course line. EVE originally called Defensive Tactics for EMS is a course created in 1996 and taught for CEU’s since 1997. EVE is a course designed specifically for those […]

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