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5 Questions you should ask before your next patient restraint situation

For years I have attempted to raise awareness of the dangers involved with patient restraints. Oftentimes my pleas of reason fall upon deaf ears. Now, since the subject of violence is getting some real attention, the bandwagon is replete with new patient restraints classes/courses using police style (custody/control) systems, or martial arts (fighting/submission) techniques. Some are […]

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Restraint Math: Something Just Doesn’t Add Up…

Take a few minutes to look over the numbers. Hopefully afterwards you will want to pose the important questions to the important people.   Related: Restraint Math- The numbers don’t lie Soft Restraints = Hard Times for Medical Staff Restraint Math Revisited from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo. Restraint Math_V1 from Kip Teitsort on Vimeo.

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Soft Restraints = Hard Times for Healthcare Providers!

Restraint situations are probably the single most dangerous time in which EMTs, medics and nurses find themselves the victim of a violent encounter.  Restrained patient chokes and threatens to kill medic Man Slips out of Handcuffs- Jumps Out of Ambulance Punched in the face-Female EMT attacked while attempting patient restraint EMTs attacked when patient slips out of […]

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