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How To Video: Ho Made Pepper-Spray with Mitch D’Umbashit

What would Mitch do (WWMD) if he couldn’t purchase real pepper spray? Mitch explains how he makes his own in this “How-to” video. Warning: Mitch is an idiot. He is not an expert in martial arts, self-defense, or anything medically related. As with those like him, He uses the internet to spew fake advice to […]

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Should EMS/Fire Personnel Be Armed?

Should EMS/Fire Personnel Be Armed?   The topic of “Should EMS/Fire be armed” has been around as long as I have been teaching DT4EMS/EVE (and probably longer). The question will also have to take into account the feeling of the “average” provider about having to carry a firearm on duty and the responsibility that comes […]

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