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O2 Bottle, Wrestling and Restraints: A Lesson On “Unofficial Training”

Unofficial Training Does it exist and does it have an impact?         RELATED:   JADED  Too Much Wrong Medicine  Fire/EMS/Nursing Welcome to Your New Reality Kip Teitsort, Founder DT4EMS Several officers were sitting in the briefing room getting ready to start their midnight shift. Most of the officers had multiple years of service […]

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Human Kennel Pride

Human Kennel Pride (image from Google Images) In my 20 years plus of EMS I have been a witness to, and a victim of, a phenomenon I call Human Kennel Pride within the medical field. I was first exposed to the term Kennel Pride while training to be a K-9 handler. I was in Oklahoma […]

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RELATED: ABOUT US (READ ME First)   FAQs regarding DT4EMS’ EVE Q. What is DT4EMS’ EVE? A. DT4EMS’ is the company and Escaping Violent Encounters (EVE) is the course line. EVE originally called Defensive Tactics for EMS is a course created in 1996 and taught for CEU’s since 1997. EVE is a course designed specifically for those […]

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