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Due Diligence Resources for DT4EMS’ EVE

Due diligence on DT4EMS’ EVE Related post: DT4EMS is Bullsh!t One thing is certain, researching an unfamiliar topic, especially one with such a high-frequency, high-liability presence, can be taxing and time consuming. To save you some of your valuable time, this post will help speed up your research process. Parts of due diligence for training […]

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Safety Tactic: Assessment L

The assessment L is not a fancy technique. It is a simple safety tactic to help a provider buy a precious moment in time. EMS providers find themselves in a similar position on scenes anyway. Why not use it to cause a tactical dilemma for a person switching from patient to aggressor. . Assessment L […]

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The dangerous phrase of “Combative Patient” Parts 1 and 2

. By definition, a combative patient can’t exist. That aside, the label, along with the thought process, and conviction to serve patients, nurses, medics and EMTs oftentimes find themselves connected with attackers. DT4EMS’ EVE teaches staff the ability to recognize a change in relationship. When a person is no longer to be considered a patient. […]

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